3 definitions by nmk_427

A slang word for a woman in a financially dominating position in a man's life.
Let me have a chat with my wallet tonight and see what she says, then i should be able to buy it !
by nmk_427 August 11, 2009
a part of the stomach that has overweight attributes, often spoken in a voice as such when speaking to a baby.
"ohhhhhhh, its a podgy wodgy"
by nmk_427 July 29, 2009
The akward, thighs pressed together bolt a girl does to the bathroom after she has just taken a fat load of cum. Usually said girl has some form of plug, either a wad of tissues or her hands to stop the outpour of said cum !
Dude, i shagged this chick last night and it was the funniest bathroom shuffle ive ever seen !
by nmk_427 August 20, 2009

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