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Japanese biscuit sticks covered in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or other varieties of flavors. It's OK, but really overrated because of the high price. Often eaten by Asians, the Wapanese, and Asian obsessed middle schoolers. If you like Japanese treats, you should try Hello Panda. It taste much better than Pocky and is less well known.
Asian Obsessed Middle Schooler: OMG! I have Pocky! Yay!
Wapanese: Woah. That stuff is sooo addictive!
Actual Asian: Asian wannabe noobs
by michellesaysrawr January 15, 2011
1. Canada's revenge to the U.S for Miley Cyrus

2. A 10 year old, homosexual female set out to take over the world

3. What any teen boy is considered that has an extremely small penis
Boy 1: Lol! I heard Jason can't get any girls cuz he has a 2 inch dick!

Boy 2: Hahaha! What a Justin Bieber!
by michellesaysrawr January 29, 2011
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