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1. what Tyrome says to Jarome before they beat the shit out of some rich white kid and steel all of his stuff.
2.the act of robbery(usally at knife or gun point)
Tyrome:" Yo Jarome lets pocket check that foo hes trippen on all kinds of bengermans."

Jarome:'' ight nigga im down to ride i need some mad skrill."
by da jim bob krew September 19, 2004
the act of checking you are ready to go out and you have all the esesntials in your pocket or another safe area(wallet, gum, condom, cell phone, etc.)
Shit! I didn't take a pocket check before the party!
by C-Hud March 03, 2006
Feeling, or tapping, one's pocket(s) to see if they remembered something important, such as a wallet or cellphone.
Steve: Shoot, I left my wallet back at the house.

Dave: Should've done a pocket check, man.
by Valtoire March 22, 2010
In restaurant terminology, the act of taking one's order, then (accidentially) forgetting to ring that order in. This can be common when a resturant server becomes very busy.
"Oh Shit Fuck, I just commited a pocket check!"

" Scott comitted a pocket check, his customers are pissed beyond belief"
by Fameasser35 October 20, 2009
A term used in Las Vegas(mostly by teenagers). Means asking people if they have money to "borrow" which usually is never returned.
Quit pocket checking everyone!! ain't nobody gonna give you money.
by Jesssooo14 August 30, 2009
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