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1.What you show to people who cut you off while driving.
2.Middle finger up; index, engagement, pinkie fingers down.
3.Sign language for Eiffel tower
4.means 'Fuck you'
1. This faggot just cut me off. *flip off*
2. I flipped him off with my finger.
3. ....... *look* *at* *the* *Eiffel Tower* .....
4. I really want to *flips you off*
by Jesssooo14 August 30, 2009
A person who has an "obsession" or "addiction" to listening to fast pasted electronic music. This person may go to Raves, and may also display to others about their love for electronic music. Some people relieve stress with elecronic music.

Some examples of electronic music include:

by Jesssooo14 August 30, 2009
A term used in Las Vegas(mostly by teenagers). Means asking people if they have money to "borrow" which usually is never returned.
Quit pocket checking everyone!! ain't nobody gonna give you money.
by Jesssooo14 August 30, 2009

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