where one likes BBW/hefty wimminz
Lets go plumping tonight.
by Scooby05 March 21, 2006
Top Definition
(1) When one or more men go out to a club, bar, or McDonald's for the sole purpose of hitting on and/or hooking up with overweight, fat, or, preferably, obese women.

(2) A great american pasttime, also known as "fat macking"
" Hey man, me and John are gonna go plumping tonight, would you like to accompany us?"

"I would LOVE to attend, I thoroughly enjoy plumping!"
by Nolan Collins October 17, 2007
the action of a girl taking the lead in having anal sexual intercourse in that the male simply sits while the girl is "plumping" on him
"Man! I wanted to take the lead but that girl was plumping like a champ!"
by mossandfoss December 01, 2011
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