A person who does a stupid action or says somthing stupid
Sam Wilson aka sitting duck
by KeNjAra March 11, 2003
Top Definition
A plum is also a person who is a symbol of peace. There are the Bloods, who are red, and the Crips, who are blue, and then there are the Plums, who are purple (a combination of the two, if you will).

Plums are also ultra fly people who spend their time being stared at for their pure beauty and awesomeness. They rarely say stupid things and are farther away from the previous (idiotic) definition of "a short fat kid" than the Earth is from the sun.
Blood: I'ma kill you!!
Crip: No, i'ma kill you!
Plum: Come on guys...

Person 1: You know, I thought I was cool, but that was before I met a plum.
Person 2: DAMN! You are so lucky...I wish I was a plum.
by Yophia Bursazhevsky April 04, 2009
the 2 round balls that sit inside a mans wrinkly sack. also known as a ballbag
I'd love to get my gums around your plums!
by Ho! July 23, 2006
"If you've finished polishing the captain, you could have a suck on my plums"
by Stouffer November 07, 2002

A word used to emphasize or draw attention to the following word, especially in a positive setting, although it can be used in a variety of settings.

Person 1: I got the job!
person 2: Thats plum awesome!

or alternatively

Person 1: She dumped me on by birthday dude...
person 2: Thats plum lame

by plum... March 22, 2009
the testicles
Make sure you don't hit the plums of your opponent in the ring.
by The Return of Light Joker January 28, 2010
Somethng which is realy good, or exactly right.
Matt hits a 6 in back yard cricket, he points to the air, running the length of the pitch yelling "Thats Plum!!!"

"Mate, see that chick over there? Shes plum."
by J R D September 13, 2008
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