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to throw small objects at a member of the opposite sex, attempting to distract them in a manner that will gain his or her attention
Suzy was plegged by Johnny.
by Indiana Jones November 30, 2003
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a plastic peg for a bike. invented for park and light street grinding and its alot more quieter than grinding on a metal peg.
did you hit that rail last night steve?

yeah, but the guard busted me cuz all the noise. i should of put my plegs on last night.

yeah plastic pegs are alot quieter.
by a bmx man September 12, 2009
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Derogatory name for a gullible person.
That bitch is a pleg, a real gullibitch; I told her I was Kevin Bacon and nailed her.
by Ziggy Charcoal June 11, 2011
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