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1: Immitation leather, Plastic Leather
That is one cheap ass PLEATHER coat you are wearin.
by Trib Ton October 09, 2002
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Noun; Adjective. A person's skin takes the appearance of faux leather due the overuse of tanning beds or overexposure to harmful sun rays.
She either just returns from a cruise or fake-n-baked too long; Either way she is straight "Pleather."
##leather ##fakeandbake ##tan ##fake ##faux ##pleather
by TheStapler. November 03, 2013
A lesbian who wears a pleather jacket and/or attempts to look like Missy Elliott.

These lesbians are rarely seen alone and thus the term 'pleather' can be used as a collective noun for a group of Missy Elliott lesbians. This can also be referred to as a 'pleather army'.

Other features of a pleather include fat shoes with unnecessarily long tongues. In the lesbian world this is like a man with a small penis driving a Ferrari.

Also, some lesbians try to hide their pleatherness by saying that their jacket is real leather or they have owned it for some 'no one gives a shit' amount of time. They are still a pleather.
Oh fucking great, the pleathers have arrived.
#lesbian #plether #missy elliott #leather #homo
by Fagpants December 14, 2010
Pleather is a synthetic leather and its more for fitting and shiney I love shiney things!!!

-----Gackt sandwich-----
Im gonna passout because of evil constricting pleather
by LANE!!!! April 09, 2005
Pleather is the result of exposing human skin, especially in the face area, to massive amount of semen in the course of many years. The most affected individuals can be found in the porn industry.
Q. Did you ses Jenna Jameson lately? What happend to her face?
A. After so many years doing porn her face turned pleather. what would you expect!
#skin #semen #porn #pornography #face
by TheMunker March 13, 2008
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