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A pleb is an idiot, retard, etc.
"You stupid pleb, get lost!"
by Lauriio January 24, 2007
PLEB is an abreviation of PLEBIAN.A commoner in ancient rome and also modern paignton in devon england.
Look at that PLEB he still thinks shell suits are fashionable.
by lowdown November 17, 2004
pleb (n): a member of the lower classes. Inferior in every way.

to pleb up (vb): to increase quantity of plebs per se, to increase volume of the lower classes. Can be reflexive ('Surrey is plebbing itself up') or normal.
He's such a pleb, it's disgusting me.

Look at that lower class pleb.

Ugh, this place is really becoming plebbed up.
by BorisJAM March 04, 2008
A policeman
you can never find a Pleb when you need one
by old bill September 24, 2012
A muppet, someone who is simple and slightly retarted.
Dopey from snow white and the seven drawfs may be seen as a pleb
by Preme August 28, 2007
Name of the shitstain mark left after flushing the toilet. Happens when the water is not hit directly but the shit is deflected off the inside of the basin and remains after flushing.
Hey Jimmy, clean those fucking plebs up or I'm going to fuck you up.
by General Git November 30, 2008
Insult. A stupid person who does useless things. Usually applied to relationships.
Example 1:
"Joey have you seen my sandwhich."
"You mean the one i just ate?"
"Joey you pleb."

Example 2:
"Should I get back with my ex boyfriend?"
"No, don't be a pleb."
by Knocky Longshore + The Melon July 02, 2012