A pleb is an idiot, retard, etc.
"You stupid pleb, get lost!"
by Lauriio January 24, 2007
PLEB is an abreviation of PLEBIAN.A commoner in ancient rome and also modern paignton in devon england.
Look at that PLEB he still thinks shell suits are fashionable.
by lowdown November 17, 2004
Person Lacking Everyday Basic skills.
Andy didn't know how to use the toaster because he is a fucking pleb.
by PUREbizzle January 06, 2015
A pleb is a commoner or someone from middle class that is typically despised or hated and gets jumped and beat up on a regular basis by people who aren't plebs.
Guy1:"That Aven is such a hufe fucking pleb."

Guy2: "yeah I think we should go kick hiss ass."

Guy1: "Yeah lets go kick the shit out of him."
by Timothy_Green February 12, 2015
MinecraftBeats. A little nigerian boy, naked, running from the cops after he ddosed Dora the Explorer's Crew.
That little Pleb!
by Alex. G November 11, 2014
What people call each other when they don't have a better insult. Used commonly to attempt to impress less intelligent beings.
Matt is such a pleb, he just sits at home all day.
by EdgyPopPunkKing August 20, 2014
A irritating or stupid individual called Timothy Broad.
"Tim you're such a pleb."
by PalmerLlama October 24, 2014

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