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Anal sex,buggeration,bumfuckery.
The vicar gave the choir boy such a RODGERING that the poor boy could not sit down for a week.
by lowdown November 18, 2004
The performance of oral sex,usually cunnilingus but may also refer to fellatio.
I'M GOING DOWN SOUTH on this one yum yum.
by lowdown November 18, 2004
PLEB is an abreviation of PLEBIAN.A commoner in ancient rome and also modern paignton in devon england.
Look at that PLEB he still thinks shell suits are fashionable.
by lowdown November 17, 2004
Masturbation,wanking,frigging off,spanking the monkey.
Whenever I am feeling randy
my only recourse is a good HAM SHANDY
by lowdown November 16, 2004
HALF STIFFY means a half erect penis.
As I was soaping myself down in the shower I noticed the p.e teacher was watching with a HALF STIFFY.
by lowdown November 16, 2004
An elderly person.
An old croc face.
An old fart.
An old aged pensioner.
I was was taking a walk on Budleigh salterton beach the other day and an old WRINKLY stepped out from a beach hut.
He was bollock naked.
by Lowdown November 16, 2004
Refers to the sound of slapping against the buttocks during sex.FUTTERING
If you want to earn your bread and butter.
best you learn then how to futter
by lowdown November 16, 2004

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