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1. All of the above
2. A word occasionally to call someone who has no pubes but is past the age where they should by now. Often used as an insult.
Oi! You Pleb!
Ha! What a Pleb!
Sam chapple, enough said...
"Oy sam chapple u pleb muffin, go on die u wanker"
by Warren March 19, 2004
kinda like a tosser, but not as harsh. Little like a mong, or muppet, or if you are american its like a nerd.
what Tony blair is.
by manslayer December 21, 2003
Random person. Someone...
Eg: Oi, You Pleb stop kicking that rock on the floor!
by Brad 2k6 February 27, 2006
Refers to an un-educated individual. Usually used by stuck up, middle class, university student types to describe any other normal person.
Oh i say im too good for them, their lowlife plebs.
by nano118 June 11, 2008
What people call each other when they don't have a better insult. Used commonly to attempt to impress less intelligent beings.
Matt is such a pleb, he just sits at home all day.
by EdgyPopPunkKing August 20, 2014