Name of the shitstain mark left after flushing the toilet. Happens when the water is not hit directly but the shit is deflected off the inside of the basin and remains after flushing.
Hey Jimmy, clean those fucking plebs up or I'm going to fuck you up.
by General Git November 30, 2008
Insult. A stupid person who does useless things. Usually applied to relationships.
Example 1:
"Joey have you seen my sandwhich."
"You mean the one i just ate?"
"Joey you pleb."

Example 2:
"Should I get back with my ex boyfriend?"
"No, don't be a pleb."
by Knocky Longshore + The Melon July 02, 2012
stupid person who does or says something not very clever
your a pleb your so stupid why would you do that
by qwertyf February 12, 2008
A policeman
you can never find a Pleb when you need one
by old bill September 24, 2012
A pleb is simply a commoner or uneducated person.
Everyone who thinks "townies" and "rude-boi's" are plebs.

do you seriously think plebs were around in roman times you fucking plebheads!
by pleb May 31, 2004
omg ur such a pleb!
by frie-rie November 08, 2011
A somewhat nerdy loser who is the dirt of society.
"Pirrone, you scummy pleb, I want to wipe you off the bottom of my shoe onto a kerb"
by Krisv September 07, 2008

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