1. Any man who breaks up with a woman that is "waiting to exhale."

2. A person clever enough to deceive three or more people into simeoultaneous committed relationships.

3. A respectful salutation

4. A description of the past in EVERY man's autobiographical account

5. A person who is not fully conscious, but slightly in the know.
1. "Girl, I am so tired of being dumped. Why are all men no good players? Boo-hoo"

2. "Asheley is dating two roommates and their bestfriends, and none of her boyfriends know about the others!"

3. "What's up, playa"

4. "I was such a player before I got married."

5. "Man, I am just a player trying to win at the game of life."
by Slangford Dictionary December 13, 2003
A man, smart enough to play as the perfect guy whenever he wants, in order to get any girl he wants whenever he wants. The ultimate alfa male.
Last week this dude was sleeping with one of the hottest girls in school and now he's sleeping with another hottie, he's a total player.
by boggiebananas January 28, 2012
Many people think a player is someone who lures in women by pretending they want a relationship or saying I LOVE YOU and then use them for sex and leave, but that is incorrect, However the true meaning of a player has three main principles

1. Alpha males who display dominence and charisma do not need to talk about love or relationships to get laid, women naturally gravitate and claw for our attention, we let the Beta males fill womens heads with emotional bull shit.

2. Player's have etablished personality triats that demonstrate sexual knowledge and experience, which women are naturally drawn to. Players don't have to lie or manipulate, women are intrigued by our natural perosonalities and sexual understaning

3. Player's never get emotionally involved, and have no problem pimpin multiple women in the same setting right infront of eachother, becuase this creates a battle among the women for your sexual attention.
No example, but all the rookie beta males leaving faggot defintions of a PLAYER go to hell please.
by Bank$$$ November 18, 2007
a stupidd whoree guy. he thinks he is soo cool but really he isnt. dont fall her his gamee cause he is a FAKEE!
pepe alonso is a playerr. hatehim.
a person who purposely destroys the emotions of love (between 2 people in the relationship) just to be with another person.
1)he's a player
2)she messes around with peoples hearts like a player.
by Mr.Fresh July 03, 2005
who who indulges in the life of many females.
well, if you cant find your man at night then he comes home and showers....you got yourself a live- in playa!
by msplatnum03 February 02, 2004
a guy who messes with the heart,for wot reason i do not no....maybe they need to no their wanted or they want women to feel as bad as they do
you know who you are....mwahx
by Anonymous August 22, 2003

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