Deff. Of "Player" or more commonly known as a whore.

Somebody who doesn't know them meaning of morals. Often times manipulative. Has never thought of anybody else's feelings besides their own. Has no heart. Can end a five year relationship and not even get upset. Has a thing for baseball boys. Heartless. Fcking ignorant. Rude. Liar. Considerably good looking. Big ole douche. Has no friends of their same gender. Is an avid instagram creeper. Leaves boyfriend of five years for an older baseball boy.
she's a player, I hate her.
by Truth hurts bitch September 28, 2014
One who is in the game.

If your involved with anything, then you are a player for that

e.g. Eminem is a player in the rap game

Wayne Gretzky is a player in the hockey game(Most people call it hockey player unless your retarded).

get the point?
Don't Hate The Player Hate The Game.
by yoloswag300 December 15, 2013
A party for players, onl the true players are welcome
"When the player's ball is happenin, all day every day" -- OutKast
by Steph January 02, 2005
1. Any man who breaks up with a woman that is "waiting to exhale."

2. A person clever enough to deceive three or more people into simeoultaneous committed relationships.

3. A respectful salutation

4. A description of the past in EVERY man's autobiographical account

5. A person who is not fully conscious, but slightly in the know.
1. "Girl, I am so tired of being dumped. Why are all men no good players? Boo-hoo"

2. "Asheley is dating two roommates and their bestfriends, and none of her boyfriends know about the others!"

3. "What's up, playa"

4. "I was such a player before I got married."

5. "Man, I am just a player trying to win at the game of life."
by Slangford Dictionary December 13, 2003
a person who purposely destroys the emotions of love (between 2 people in the relationship) just to be with another person.
1)he's a player
2)she messes around with peoples hearts like a player.
by Mr.Fresh July 03, 2005
A man, smart enough to play as the perfect guy whenever he wants, in order to get any girl he wants whenever he wants. The ultimate alfa male.
Last week this dude was sleeping with one of the hottest girls in school and now he's sleeping with another hottie, he's a total player.
by boggiebananas January 28, 2012
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