a stupidd whoree guy. he thinks he is soo cool but really he isnt. dont fall her his gamee cause he is a FAKEE!
pepe alonso is a playerr. hatehim.
a person who purposely destroys the emotions of love (between 2 people in the relationship) just to be with another person.
1)he's a player
2)she messes around with peoples hearts like a player.
by Mr.Fresh July 03, 2005
who who indulges in the life of many females.
well, if you cant find your man at night then he comes home and showers....you got yourself a live- in playa!
by msplatnum03 February 02, 2004
JB M and Corey B. are the definition of player. They get all the ladies
Hey Corey how do you spell player?

J B, how do you spell it JB?

C o r e y!
someone as cold as can be when he's satisfied... a DOGG ... a player... playin the game.. means doin what he can to go a level upper without giving a fuck cause when he does something... that's what he was supposed to do .. because it's the rules of the game... don't hate him or what he did... he did it in the rules of the game.. so hate the game ! he put his middle finger to the police, the other people and the hoes... the rules make that you can't trust any of them... so it's kinda "play or get played"... get your goal.. get your money... and basta ! if you have only one girl that you love... you'll get played and be sad .... when you have many girls... as soon you get the pussy you get the "cold attitude" cause you won no matter what... you don't need any of them girls because if one goes you got the others.......this mentality opposite to the mentality that is in "love" shit attracks the girls.... so you got what u want , got what u need.... you're fly, you got the money, the girls, the fame, all that can be called "the Game" ... you got game... you're a player..... when you're a playa , many people will turn against you because of jealousy, they're envious.... they're called HATERS... they are part of the game too...... break em or dont give em a fuck ... how you want to.... when you're a playa you're a winner too... pain ain't shit it's a part of the game... cry , cry, cry , as long as you take a lesson of what you lived... and it makes you experience....... what don't kill you makes you stronger..... that's how it goes these days.....! when you say PLAYER you automaticly mean GOOD PLAYER, WINNER, the playas are all good ....dont confuse with HATERS
damn take a look at your life ! you got a family, money, happiness, love ! you're a player !
by K V September 07, 2006
one who has not established a position on romance, yet is lucky regardless.
jo's a player. debb and marry dont have a thing in common yet, they both go out with him.
by LARDY February 27, 2005
A player is not a man that self-defines. He is given this title or one of many other terms associated with " player" I.e. male friend sill say : pomp,Mack,sleeper,Mr.big and so on. But a female will say: jerk,Ass whole, and so on then maybe even lie about the size of your coco. Leaving the "player" to prove to these friends that he is in fact The Man.
Thank you to jealous broads that think they can solve problems that don't involve them!

A player is just a man that plays the field, admitted some play the Super Bowl year round. This is just the way it is.

A player does not get caught or he is no longer a player !

If a player is suspected he will not stop but deny. As Shaggy said, "IT WASN'T ME"

Most of the females that tell us how smart they are... are not. They will be upset with you if you let them but if your upset for being blame0d they will always forgive you.

A player will not be intimidated by threats by friends if they happen to see you, but hook up with that friend so they will not be able to say a athing

Bottom line a player is just a man trying to find the "first round pick" in the game of life
A "player"Any one that doesn't settle for a crazy,jealous,ugly,fat ,sultry.... female that is not quite worth his time!

Damn that slut got crazy and that "player" kicked her to the curb.
Oh well that's why he has more.
by Mr. GoodLuck September 30, 2011

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