a player is one of the lucky ones, chosen as closly as the deciples of christ they hold the keychain for chassity belts of bitches everywhere bitches are found, they huff puff and fuck the shit out of anyone they want
He's with another girl, shit what a player.
by Jay-Hawk September 17, 2007
sumone who messes girls/boys around and wants as many g/f / b/f as they can just to tell all there mates and they try and get as much as they can out of them
well i can name sumone Scott erm Carl!
theres to many for me to put on here ! bastards

look at that boy he probably has a g/f and is just going round like he's mr gorgeous
by L _ _ _ _ September 25, 2003
A term collectors and enthusiasts of automatic musical instruments use as shorthand to describe any sort of automatic instrument, to distinguish it from the regular hand-played version to which it is similar.

Also used as an adjective to emphasize the automatic capapility of the instrument.
"That piano has the most wonderful touch."...
"Not only that, it's also a player!"

"Here's the piano I have for sale."
"That's good, but is it a player?"

"The organ not only has the regular console, but it is a player as well."
by A. Barrett November 15, 2005
1.) a male or female who has more than one g/f b/f or sex partaner and can lie their way out of any thing
2.) a male or female who has more than one partaner that know about each other and the both still be giving you shit
3.) someone who knows alot abot the game female can be players but its usally male because MOST females are more golabal...
damn look at all those girls surrounding him he a playa 4 real.

damn that girl got 3 different guys givin her money she a playa.
by carolyn December 13, 2003
1.used to desribe something koo
2.guy who gets a buncha ladies
3.abercrombie shirt dat says player with a tape player on it
1. shit her ride is player

2. that dudes a player he gota bunch ladies
by Andrew FF September 15, 2004
The name given to someone who first joined a TFC, CS and other mods. Usually dumb, retarded and sometimes don't even want to learn the game
TFC Well/2fort/rock2/murderball or vote

by Anonymous October 11, 2003
1. som1 who likes 2 play board or video games alot
2. som1 who likes 2 make ther gf or bf look like n ass by playin them
1. im a playa, AT MONOPOLY! HAHAHA
2. bitch! u played me? u fuckin playa!
by Chet and Josh November 02, 2004

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