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A Man or Woman that has MORE than ONE person think that they are the ONLY ONE.
"Marlon has a BUSY Valentines day. Breakfast with Vanessa, lunch with Alexis and dinner with NeNe". Three girlfriends! Man, He is such a PLAYER".
by Rosebudd Slim February 12, 2014
Someone who pretends to care when they don't are only in it for sexual pleasures. Which is disgusting and animalistic.
Let me tell you what a player is. It is someone that sits next to a girl everyday for three months and flirts with her (BTW, this girl has never been in a relationship before). On Valentine's day she sees him sitting next to a girl and when he sees her and sits away from that girl (she was his girlfriend.) The next day in class he tells her that he rejected a girl and has an ex making her think that he single (when he isn't). After that she starts receiving mixed signals from him and asks him if they are more than just friends or just friends. However she is confused because she has never been in a relationship before and for her a relationship is getting to know the person better (not being physical). Long story short he leaves her without even saying goodbye because she didn't want to be physical. Because he hurt her this same girl went through emotional and mental illnesses and had a narrow escape. "The wounds will heal but the scars will never fade." I am that girl and what he did to me was a sin. However I strongly believe in karma and I hope what comes around goes around for him.
by Emotionallyscarred January 25, 2014
One who is in the game.

If your involved with anything, then you are a player for that

e.g. Eminem is a player in the rap game

Wayne Gretzky is a player in the hockey game(Most people call it hockey player unless your retarded).

get the point?
Don't Hate The Player Hate The Game.
by yoloswag300 December 15, 2013
6. Player
Players can be male or female. They are usually slick, dress nicely and are very charming.

They prey on people socially usually looking for sex or money. They have a way of befriending people and making them feel important, before they use them to their own ends.

Players make horrible friends or “significant others,” because they will “Judas back stab” and hurt you in any way possible if it is in their best interest.

They have no loyalty to anyone but themselves
player will rim you and off to the next
by malorey knotts November 19, 2013
noun - one who is single and yet has sex more than he masturbates.
See that player over there? He's had sex with all six girls he's sitting with on four different occasions. He doesn't even have time for masturbation!

Johnny's got a sex-to-masturbation ratio of 2.06. What a player.
by kevdawg69 January 05, 2011
The shittiest kind of rolling papers you can buy
fuck players, zig-zags are the way to go
by scoobie smokin a doobie doo July 05, 2009
The term player is actually derived from Benedetto Romano of Sicily. He is the italian with the most "game" known to mankind. His stories of cathing tail has been heard from thousands, and continent to continent.
At age 34 he was chased by police for swinging on a playset with freshman at the University of Delaware. This is the definition of player.
by K-Mills March 11, 2009