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Where black people used to work. Now they don't work at all.
Black Kid: "Hey, didn't your pops used to work on a plantation?"

Other Black Kid: "No man, my pops ain't got no job. My grandpop worked on one but got kicked off it for stealing cotton."
by hotdog1 February 23, 2011
A fancy way of saying gated community. Most commonly used on Hilton Head Island. Not to be confused with the farms that slaves worked on.
I live in Hilton Head Plantation
by .... March 29, 2005
Home or house. Often used with "the" -- as in "The Plantation."
I wish I could be back at the Plantation for Christmas. I miss my g-ma.
by KeystoneSLC February 25, 2005
When the penis game gets old and you need something new to yell
walking down the hall at school you see your friend immediatly your bluurt out PLANTATION
by onlydeth November 23, 2010
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