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The most fantastic place in the world to live. If you live in the suburbs, you get great public schools, nice shopping, and those fantastic accents.
I miss my home. :(
by .... September 08, 2003
A God, the hottest, greatest person living, like walking perfection
i'd wanna do more than just him his leg!!....i dont know why i want him to bite my cheek
by .... August 15, 2003
a sucker for girls cums in diffrent flavers
by .... September 25, 2003
A fancy way of saying gated community. Most commonly used on Hilton Head Island. Not to be confused with the farms that slaves worked on.
I live in Hilton Head Plantation
by .... March 29, 2005
From Autumn to Ashes - a hardcore, emo (screamo)band
Dude, did you go to the FATA concert last night?
by .... June 15, 2004
a nasty bitch with more rolls than a mother fucking bakery who cant wait to wrap her mouth around another fucking penis just bc shes bored. a slam swine has no life and no friends. a slam swine also only gets guys bc shes an EASY WHORE. =)
Jess DelGuidice is the biggest slam swine in the world
by .... December 17, 2003
Before disussing the properties of a creator we have to assess if the universe was a created.

The cosmological argument assumes that there was a beginning, but it can again be contradicted simply by pointing out that the the matter which composes my body is eternal, never going to be created nor to be destroyed.

If we can`t prove that the universe was created, then we don`t need to think that actually a creator exists.

Second; the definition of God implies a being that is sentient. An eternal universe is absolutely not equal to a God because it lacks the capability of thinking.

Aristotele for example, believed that both God and Matter always existed, but yet he considered them to separate beings.

So I don`t really think that I'm calling the same thing under different names...

And I'll also ignore that puerile comment..
"There is no doer behind the doing" ~ Nietzsche
by .... March 03, 2003