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Home or house. Often used with "the" -- as in "The Plantation."
I wish I could be back at the Plantation for Christmas. I miss my g-ma.
by KeystoneSLC February 25, 2005
To throw up after drinking lots of booze. A phrase used to let your buddies know you are gonna go and heave somewhere, but fool the hoes so they don't know you drink like a lady.
You feel like you are gonna throw up and say: "Hey ladies, I gotta go *make a phone call*, I'll be right back"

Or... Jim says to his buddies... "That guy is totally wasted, bet he needs to *make a phone call*"
by KeystoneSLC February 26, 2005
A worker/laborer; Specifically a construction worker.

A Redneck.
Wow, looks at all them "Getter Dones" working at that Plantation.

Dude that "Getter Done" has a sweet mullet.
by KeystoneSLC February 25, 2005

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