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The act of 'liking' a not very popular persons facebook status, to make them seem more popular .

This is usually done by geeks or just plain socially awkward people .

Popular Person's status
3 people like this

Geek's status
*no likes*

10 mins later

Popular Person's Status
6 people like this

Geeks Status
*no likes, no comments*

20 minutes later

Popular Person's status
Over 9000 people like this
Over 9000 comments

Geeks status
*no likes or comments*

facebooker - ahh screw it, i'll pity like it .
by babydollx February 23, 2010
Liking someones status, not because you actually like it, but because you could tell that the person tried hard to write it and expects people to like it.
Meh, that status is kinda lame, but I could tell that Sally thought it sounded really cool when she wrote it. I'll just pity like it.
by Undercover_Arab June 25, 2011
Looking at the newsfeed on Facebook and coming accross a status update where the writer is welcoming likes or comments but no-one does. Therefore 'liking' the status, not because you actually like it but more that you sympathise with its creator.
Penelope: "Dude, did you see Karen's last status update on Facebook...?"

Patty: "Yeah it was not funny at all, what was she thinking?"

Penelope "I have no idea, I felt so bad for her though so I pity liked"
by HelloSweetheart December 10, 2011
When you like someone's status/picture on FaceBook because they're 1) trying too hard, 2) desperate for attention, or 3) just weird and you want to be the one they save when they come to school with a sawed off shotgun.
Person 1: Dude, did you see Kayla's status she posted last night?

Person 2: Yeah, it was so dumb I had to give it a pity like.
by badassbeebs October 05, 2011
When you like someone's instagram photo for the sole reason of the guilty feeling you have because the photo has like zero likes.
Tina's picture only had two likes after an hour so I gave her a pity-like.
by Mileydelrey March 29, 2015
The act of "liking" a friend's status on Facebook because no one else has liked their status.
Sounds like the perfect time for a pity-like.
by pityliker101 March 18, 2011
On facebook, when you make a witty comment on a person's status and the person likes your comment first, and then, a few minutes later, out of pity for the other people who commented, likes the rest of the comments on her status. This often happens even when you weren't the first one to comment on the status.
I know I shouldn't give a shit, but Miranda gave out pity likes again after I commented on her 7-11 free slurpee status with "never forget." Fuck that bitch.
by mattdoge December 23, 2013
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