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When girls have sex with guys because they feel bad for them.
Taras only banging Jack becuase his dad just died.
by Sandra Loon August 08, 2005
259 55
What men will settle for after whimpering and wheedling and begging. No confirmed sightings, probbly an urban legend.
Pity Sex Gladly Accepted --T-Shirt.
by Buce July 17, 2005
230 67
What girls do to boys who've never done anything with girls before.
Taylor or Sabrina should have pity sex with Morgan
by Morgan A July 16, 2005
168 60
When a girl has sex with a boy just to make him feel better about himself or special
When Rachel lost her virginity and had pity sex with Finn just to make him feel special
by pressedlemon January 25, 2013
22 7