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5 definitions by Undercover_Arab

Liking someones status, not because you actually like it, but because you could tell that the person tried hard to write it and expects people to like it.
Meh, that status is kinda lame, but I could tell that Sally thought it sounded really cool when she wrote it. I'll just pity like it.
by Undercover_Arab June 25, 2011
20 2
Having your penis owned by a bitch.
AKA: gettin a boner from a bitch you didnt want
Ron: I didnt wanna have sex with this bitch grenade but then she gave me a lap dance, I got a boner, and one thing led to another...
Eddie: Dude, you just got BOWNED!!
by undercover_Arab February 22, 2011
13 11
A photograph of pornographic nature.
Did you see Staceys pornograph?
Yeah man! She was completely naked from head to toe!
by undercover_Arab February 23, 2011
14 16
A biracial couple 69ing.
When members of 2 different races are 69ing, it resembles a Yin Yang.
by Undercover_Arab June 21, 2011
16 25
The mouth of a female
Aka: cum vacuum
Guy 1: I dont want my ejaculate matter to go to waste. What do I do?
Guy 2: Don't you have a girlfriend?
Guy 1: Oh yeah. I could use her vac-cum to get rid of it.
by undercover_Arab February 23, 2011
12 44