A crappy old city located between some dirty rivers (which often have cars or bodies in them). Pissburgh basically is full of rednecks (ever hear the saying "Pennsylvania: Philadelphia on one side, Alabama on the other"). Pissburgh is full of racists too. Everyone in the city claims to have such huge pride in their city but they don't. That is why Iron City went out of business (because everyone is cheap and just drinks Miller Lite, which is a hypocricy in itself because everyone is racist and Miller Lite donates to the Negro College Fund). That is also why the Penguins might leave town (Pissburghers don't like hockey too much becaues it is too complicated of a sport to get drunk and watch, and also cause the Penguins never play defense). Pissburgh claims to be a big drinking town but in reality no one here can handle their liquor, which is why Pissburgh is one of the leading DUI cities in the country. Pissburgh has no good job opportunities. Pissburgh claims to have their own language (yinz, n'at) but in reality NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT except when they do it on purpose. Pissburghers want to have their own identity SO MUCH but whether they like it or not Pissburgh is a below average run of the mill city. For example, people think when you get a sandwich with french fries on it that is called ordering it "Pittsburgh style" but in reality NOBODY who doesn't live in Pittsburgh has ever heard of that. Pissburgh was rated one of the worst cities for singles, and it certainly is. All the girls are ugly and all the guys are uneducated rednecks. Pissburgh's number one radio station is KISS FM, which is basically a bunch of retards singing over the music while it plays. During winter Pissburgh's roads are the worst, because there are about 2 salt trucks that drive around when they feel like it. Pissburgh is full of hypocrits. They blast Barry Bonds for using steroids every chance they get, but when the true subject that the Steelers used steroids in the 70s comes up, they turn their heads. Basically, Pissburgh is a second rate city full of idiots who wish they had their own culture and language but they simply do not.
I live in Pittsburgh....boy does my life suck n'at
#rednecks #racists #shanty town #ugly girls #retards
by Bill Coward March 28, 2006
A boring, provincial city in western Pennsylvania that is nonetheless a very nice place to live.
"Believe it or not, I really like Pittsburgh."
by Jayque October 16, 2003
A dirty steel town, full of unemployed steel workers, in which everyone has mullets, drinks Rolling Rock beer, listens to 102.5 DVE, drives a Chevy truck, and worships the Pittsburgh Steelers as a religion, with Art Rooney in place of God and "Mean Joe" Greene in place of Jesus Christ. Pittsburgh even has its own language, Pittsburghese, and is in the process of forming its own country.
Yeah, I saw someone from Pittsburgh recently, mullet and everything.
#pittsburgh #steelers #pennsylvania #yinzer #mullet
by Mullet McFuckington July 10, 2008
The town that is the Pitts--hence the name.
Pittsburgh is not Philadelphia and is about the worst place to find a decent job.
#steel #boilermaker #hills #bridges #steelers
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007
cool place but a lot of the people their think they are tough and anyone who is a steelers fan for some reason thinks that makes them tough its sad
pittsburgh is almost as cool as philly
#city #pa #steel #steelers #yea
by alex14 August 09, 2006
Overall, Pittsburgh is a gloomy, depressing place to live thanks to its glum weather and sense of overall decline. On most days, you will find a gloomy, overcast sky overlooking rusty bridges, grimy roads and tired old buildings that have not been maintained since 1787.

It takes about three months or more to learn how to navigate the highly confusing road network, which appears to have been constructed crudely out of bits and pieces of streets built at random. It was apparently one of the first attempts to build a road network and so every possible mistake was made here.

Almost all roads are two lanes (one on each side) and so a single sluggish dumptruck can ruin your afternoon.

On the other hand, driving the winding roads can be a joy in any kind of sporty car because they are so challenging. Until you meet that dump truck, anyway. Strangely, again, most residents don't take advantage of the driving fun; most of them drive brand new pickups or rusted out old American cars.

People really do use "Pittsburghese", an ugly, ungrammatical dialect that has invented phrases like "The car needs fixed" and "Yinz". Yes, unlike some of the entries I have read, these really are used. I have heard them many, many times, unfortunately.

Even though the road network is horrible, public transport is worse, with an expensive and sluggish system. However, if you're a student or college faculty member, you can ride it for free.

A house that would sell in Los Angeles for $500,000 could be found in Pittsburgh for about $150,000. But don't be too cheerful about it; few homes in Pittsburgh are as nice to live in as even a humble Los Angeles tract home. Houses are badly designed to let as little light or view in as humanly possible. Most people close their curtains tightly against any sign of light and so artificial light is heavily used even during the day. This is thanks to a tight-knit social environment that features snoopy neighbors.

There are nice architectural details in many of the old houses, but unfortunately they are not designed with any sensitivity to light, the site or views. So you might have a magnificent hillside with tons of houses, but none of them take any advantage of views or natural beauty. For the most part, the only views will be of someone else's living room -- or, to be more precise, their living room blinds.

Real estate taxes are extremely high - in fact, that $500,000 house in LA will have significantly cheaper taxes than your $150,000 house in Pittsburgh. This and the cost of heating oil during the winter goes a long way to make those housing costs look much closer than you might think.

It may seem promising that the city is on the water, but it's a grimy, ugly waterfront that consists mainly of rusted-out steel mills and decaying industrial plants. Due to the frequent flooding and all that old creaky industry that was on the water, there's very little housing on the water or even with a view of the water.

If you have good personal relationships and connections, you can go far, and the business environment is relatively undemanding - even highly mediocre, if not downright awful stores and restaurants can thrive.

I was finally able to find a few decent restaurants, but most of best ones are the chains like Bravo and P F Chang's. I can highly recommend Pan Asia on Route 51, Cambod-ican on the Southside, and Thai me up, also on the Southside. Most of the other places I have tried have been terrible. Let's just say that this place is a poor restaurant town compared to pretty much anywhere else in the US and leave it at that.

For groceries, Giant Eagle's Market District is actually pretty nice, much to my surprise. Most Giant Eagles offer mediocre food at high prices, so I routinely make the lengthly trek to my closest Market District, where I can get better food at the same prices. There are a whopping two of these stores in the entire Pittsburgh urban area. There is one Whole Foods Market, close to Downtown Pittsburgh.

Otherwise, Giant Eagle is bad, Foodland is worse, and Wal*Mart pretty much rules by comparison. It's pretty darn sad to live in a place where Wal*Mart rules.

On the upside, this is a very honest place. If your car has a broken lock, and you have to leave your key in the ignition you need not fear; it will be there when you come back. I have left my laptop computer on a chair in the bookstore, only to see it there when I returned for it in a panic half an hour later.

Otherwise, I haven't found the people to be particularly impressive. This is a clannish town that feels suspicious of strangers. In fact, people often will stay in their native clan areas and not go elsewhere. There are many people who live in the South Side, for example, who will not visit the North Side or Downtown or anywhere else no matter what. The horrendous road network (see above) does not encourage exploration or leaving areas that you are comfortable with.

If you want people who are "honest" and "genuine", I suppose this isn't bad. But if you like people who are adventurous and love innovation and new things, you will not like it here at all. If you want people to seek out great places to eat or wonderful experiences, you'll find people here just don't care; they would rather go to the places they have been to hundreds of times before -- even if those places are abysmal in every way.

Most people here are sports fans. The Steelers are definitely an addiction here, since they are just about the only world-class institution the city has to offer. Even I, the #1 non-sports fan, have caught myself caring about whether the Steelers win just because so much of the city's mood depends on it.

So, in summary, a gloomy, depressing place that's losing population and gets just a little poorer and a little grimmer every day. A cheap cost of living doesn't help when you feel that your life is seeping out of you every passing day. Living here is empathetically not recommended, no matter how cheap it is.
Pittsburgh is one of the gloomiest cities in the UsA.
#pittsburgh #pennsylvania #city #urban #gloom #depression #pittsburghese #burgh #da burgh
by David H Dennis March 08, 2007
Shithole. Kind of cool at first, but notoriously difficult to escape. Nothing going on. Suburbs are even worse. Never come to Pittsburgh without a good exit strategy.
Calvin: Where do you think people go when they die?
Hobbes: Pittsburgh.
#pgh #shit #death #escape #awful
by stuck June 20, 2006
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