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A dirty, grimy city where most don't care about what it looks like. You'll find most streets littered with weave, old beer bottles/cans, food wrappers from drunk assholes or people that are just too lazy to walk to a trash can. You can't walk down an ally without it smelling like shit, piss and garbage.
People here are unfriendly, lazy, and overly excited about football... because football is pretty the only thing the city has.
Shitty public transportation (expensive, rude drivers, full of load idiots). The city isn't progressive at all, and most of the things that could make the city nice either don't get started, don't get finished, or get ruined by the shitheads that live here.

Most of the people that live in pittsburgh are all college douche bags, that go to school during the weekend, then terrorize the city (mostly south side) on the weekends, by being too loud, littering, and destroying anything in their path.
And this is all coming from someone raised here.

If you are looking to visit a city full of friendly people, this is not the place.
To most people living here, there is no world outside of pittsburgh.
Welcome to Pittsburgh : The Gateway to Hell.
by hahahjooo August 10, 2011

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