Top Definition
shorthand for "in love"
"They're so annoying. They must be I.L."


"David goes to see that damn country band every week. He must be I.L."
by lucky wendy July 26, 2005
French for "he."
Il est tres stupid.
by Joe Butler February 14, 2004
Internal Laugh, while in chat,

because LOL is bullshit, nobody is EVER lol'ing when they say they are.
dude I just shit my pants


i'm serious i did!

by a2tom December 15, 2009
in love
im i.l. she's really got me hooked.
by web October 30, 2003
(I) (L)augh
Defined as I Laugh
When something is funny and you want to say LOL, you can now say IL meaning I Laugh
dobe678: Your mom's funny
dersursine: IL
by Kyle November 18, 2004

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