Extremely powerful anger that builds up inside, and you constantly want to release it, but when you do, it unleashes a full wrath that might cause the biggest calamity that had ever existed... or

When you are pissed off at someone or something, that means that you are angry or frustrated at him/her/them/it for whatever he/she/they/it did to you, and you want to get revenge on him/her/them/it.

In other words, you are mad. I mean, really? Do you really need to look this up? Come on! Seriously?
-Seeing that son of a bitch who stole my ipod walk by me really pisses me off.

-Ow! Damn it! This stupid screw punctured my finger, Ahh! This damn thing really pissed me off.

But hey, it's better to be pissed off than to be pissed on!
by Ilisten2Metal April 10, 2014
That feeling you get when the Dodger bullpen blows another lead.
1) I am so pissed off right now. I can't believe Brian Wilson just allowed the tying run to score.

2) This game was going great until Jamie Wright came in. We were cruising along and now the Brewers have the lead. I am seriously pissed off.
by Dodgerblue1982 August 16, 2014
the feeling one gets when they snap their car key outside work - stupid fucking key
shane was so pissed off when he snapped his keys off in the door of his car, outside his work
by mr sexy numero duo October 07, 2010
Strangely, the feeling one gets after being pissed on repeatedly. Extremely upset.
i'm so pissed off I could drown you all in a golden shower of rage right now.
by CorncobBob March 04, 2015
Extremely angry. Especially on a Friday when I'm in a good mood!
Quit it. I'm starting to get a little pissed off now.
by GuidoPosse69 January 27, 2005
To clean an object using urine, and a high pressured penis
They were so full of shit, they had to be pissed off.
by Anglothang December 27, 2009
The feeling I get when people enter definitions for bands that simply state their extreme godlike status, yet give no info on the band whatsoever.
This entry for the band Silverchair pisses me off:

by dav0_12 August 18, 2005
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