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The act of pirating the high (and low) seas. Also can be applied to the act of pirating interstate highways.

Not to be confused with piracy, which is merely stealing music from already-rich musicians, who really shouldn't get their panties in a bundle because someone downloaded one of their songs to see if they actually wanted to buy their crappy music.
To increase their bank accounts, Christian, Evan, and Michael were forced to result to interstate piratism in order to better-fuel their thirst for exotic cars.
by Interstate Pirates Inc. January 11, 2006
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The act of a co-worker (junk-food socialist) eating a snack that was hidden with great care in the company fridge for later enjoyment.
I was going to eat that last ice cream cone I had stashed until someone committed snack piratism!
by power hooligan October 14, 2010
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