a significant other who only comes around for the weekends. you barely see them during the week. they tend to disappear when you try to make plans during the week.
janet ( on a monday night) : oh, beth where's chris?

beth: oh i dont know. he only comes around on the weekends.

janet: oh he's a weekender.......
by lexicakes May 21, 2010
The weekenders was a cool show on the popular TV channel Toon Disney. It is about 4 friends and how they spend their weekends (the only thing everyone looks foward to about being in school). Tino, Lor, Carver, and Tish have some wacky adventures on their weekends which include anything but school. The show hardly ever meantions school. Each episode starts Friday after school and ends Sunday.
Girl: Dude, did you see that new episode of The Weekenders? It totally rocked my world!
Guy: Yeah, I wish we had wacky adventures on the weekends!
by rysrocks July 10, 2008
A weekender is a person who often enjoys their life more than most. They usually are well off if not downright wealthy. Often times seen driving in packs of SUVs and hot convertables. SUVs of choice are the Suburban/Yukon, Range Rovers and the occasional BMW x3/5 or Ford Excursion. Weekenders Migrate momentarily around Firearms Deer Season, Christmas and then for around 4 months during the summer season when their spawn "brats", leave their private schools. Towns may grow rapidly from a population for 1500 to well over 12,000 in just a matter of days.
Weekenders often make their presence know by filling local lakes beyond capacity with boats and by letting their children raise hell.
The worst weekenders are of the Chicago and Indiana descent. These are often likely to be found in west michigan, especially anywhere within 25 inland miles of any Great Lake.
Fucking weekenders and brats ruin summer.
by atbj February 20, 2006
Someone who lives for the weekend. Weekenders tend to be working class youth working boring jobs just to pay for serious drug ab/use and raves during the weekend.
That guy working at McDonalds looks tired. Yeah, i saw him dancing all night in the club on saturday, he's a major weekender. Drugs are cheap, but he earns to little.
by Chris fo sho June 26, 2009
slang term for a powerful drug that gives a large long-lasting erection. It is said that if taken on a friday the participant will still be hard on the monday hence the term.
sunday dinner around the family table. I regretted taking the weekender
by Benjamin Martin March 10, 2008
slang term used for a powerful drug that gives a large erection. it is rumoured that when taken on a friday the person is left erect till the following monday hence the term.
sunday dinner around the family table was uncomfortable. I regretted taking the weekender
by Benjamin Martin March 10, 2008
The other name for "Rocket Power". "Weekenders" is basically a one minded tv show for nine year old kids who think the world revolves around skating, squids and "cool" speak.
Dialogue from Weekenders.

Otto: d00D! 1 15 t0t4lly c00l! I f\/(kd yo(_)r m0M!
Squid: w0W! that's totally c00lness! EAT THE BEEF!
by KenKen September 05, 2006

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