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Phrase used in Manchester to describe someone who has been beaten up, usually in football or gang related violence.
That lad and his mates got proper Tuned In after the match, there was blood everywhere.

Another word from you and I'll tune you right in.
by DukeFace November 15, 2006
term used to describe someone who plays by their own rules and doesnt abide to common logic or convention. Is a shortened version of pirate for the modern day.
that was classic pirat behaviour, organising the tickets for the playground weekender and then jibbing out of it.

That was vintage pirat, his mate invites a girlfriend down for the weekend and she then spends the night and next day with pirat.
by Dukeface February 18, 2010
When two people go "tag-team dumping" it is similar to tag team wrestling except that after one person has dumped they leave the toilet without flushing and the second team member goes in and dumps on the existing dump. In a competition format the first team to block the toilet wins.
Belly Boy & Big Kev make a great tag team dumping team - the amount of orange juice those guys drink in the morning means they can dump for Britain.

Heard the noise when the big bald guy from the office next door is taking a dump - he'd be a great tag team dumping partner!
by Dukeface May 13, 2010
Is a variation of the traditional aussie term Bogan, which has become Bogie then Wogie. A wogie is like an uber bogan, wogies drink heaps of bundaberg rum, cheap and nasty aussie beer like Tooheys new and enjoy wearing singlets, saying "aaaah yeeeeh" alot and spend their weekends doing things like Mud Racing and the like.
What a wogie, did you see the state of his mullet. That was proper wogie behaviour, the way he has car parts all over his garden. Look at the photos of this remote australian town, thats proper wogieville that is.
by Dukeface May 02, 2010

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