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"Pippy" is an adjective used to describe someone who can be described by any combination of the following:

loud, abnoxious, annoying, fake, think's they're hot stuff, uncool, a joke to society, uncared about, foolish, immature, melodramatic, believes that their crazy beliefs are truth.
People: Regis Philbin, Rosie O'Donnell, Donald Trump, Nancy Grace, that guy from the 700 club, MySpace whores.

In a sentance: "Did you see that pippy girl on stage introducing that last band? She was talking about inside jokes she has with them. Lame, yeah?"

Other usage: "Welcome to Regis Philbin's New Year's Pippin' Eve!"
by Cargirl August 22, 2007
9 15
A name for a ginger girl with her hair in pigtail braids. Not a vagina.
"Pippy, go take the trash out"
by 00Pippy00 October 16, 2008
32 15
pippy is a slang term for the vagina
Honey, pull down your skirt a bit...we can see your pippy!
by Roington February 07, 2005
58 43
Small beure...bit slow and blonde...but shes great!
"its the 32nd today"..."there is no 32nd Pippy"
"Pippy, what do you get in a breakfast roll?"..."cereal"
by osmalls September 19, 2013
6 -2
those little crumbs and miscellaneous tid bits left on the floor; fluffs and such.
"Pippies? What the fuck are pippies?"
by bumjala May 02, 2006
6 3
An offensive name for British people. Generally used by the Irish, Americans and Scottish.
Get the f*ck outta here you tea drinkin' Pippie!
by John 12345 April 03, 2004
8 5
Great, Excellent... usually used sarcastically.
Life is just pippy!
by Rusty the Great July 10, 2003
13 13
A fine ass girl with a nectar, sweet, tight ass trhat can be grabbed with one hand. She is uber hot and is in an abusive relationship and has a queermo, fatass Jew friend.
Juston and I gave Pippy the doublestuff in gym.
by A-train April 16, 2005
40 42