Pippi Longstocking, a popular children's character in the 1970's and 80's, and subject of several made for TV movies.
"Come on Pippi, lets go find Tommy and Annika."
by Andrew McKeegan September 26, 2003
Noun; A stimulated clitoris or "female hard-on"
"Dude, I went down on this chick last night and she got the most hectic pippi"
by buzz1234 September 16, 2011
A sweet, blonde girl who still retains her virginity and flaunts it in boys faces only to turn them down at the end of the night.
Hey man, just leave that girl alone she's a Pippi and won't give it up.
by merrbear November 05, 2006
Nickname given by West German Air Force Pilots to the Piaggo P.149, A training aircraft which served the Lutwaffe (West German Air Force) from 1956 to the mid-80s.
by JonathanChance September 30, 2003
a name used for a pretty glass pipe which is used for smoking some dank weed.
guy:"We should blaze before 3rd period"
chick:"Ok man if you've got some weed.
guy:"yeah I do, do you have any paper so I can roll a J?"
chick: "naww, but I've got my pippi"
by ohso-special May 15, 2007

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