n. A tiny ball of fabric produced by friction over time on a piece of cloth. Most commonly found on old couches, sweaters, flannel, and socks.
The fidgety college student couldn't keep from picking the pippies off the old couch.
by Scott Nonnenberg February 15, 2002
Top Definition
A german slang word for urine used by children. Can also be written "Pippi" or "Pipi".
I have to go to the toilet - Ich muß mal Pippie.
by Beaufrost November 07, 2003
a pippie is a hippie that dose not smoke pot (weed marijuana ect) but does act sond and look like a hippie. also can be looked at some what as a "poser hippie"
pippies are smoke free hippies
by none yha1234 July 13, 2011
When something has lots of pips in
Those grapes aint alf pippie!!
by Mightiest_mortal October 20, 2004
A Punk kid from the 80's who was raised
by Hippie parents from the 60's
by Mr.Skullhead September 20, 2003
pet name for Scottie Pippen
Scottie "Pippie" Pippen
by Saints October 08, 2003
adj. young. immature. not full grown. like a pippin.
Although out of college, his behavior was still pippie.
by Silly Dad August 12, 2003
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