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NBA hall of famer who won 6 titles while playing for the Chicago Bulls alongside Michael Jordan. Most famous for blocking Justin Bieber's jumpshot during the 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.
Scottie Pippen: Go back to Canada pussy!
by D-robs February 20, 2011
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When a man humbly accepts that he doesn't stand a chance with the woman he is talking to and, instead of being a cockblocker, he sets up his much better looking and successful friend with an assist. As a result, both men end up winners.
Guy 1: Hey, bro, you remember that hot ass blonde you Scottie Pippen'd me last week?

Guy 2: Yeah, she was hot as hell.

Guy 1: She's got a friend that's just as hot. Want me to hook you up?

Guy 2: Hell yeah, that's what teamwork is all about.
by Golangelo-10 May 05, 2013
To have a large swollen bump on your head, similar to Scottie Pippen in the 96-97 NBA Playoffs, when he was hit by a Alonzo Mourning elbow.
Damn!!! Look at that Scottie Pippen on his head!!!
by Anthony Robles February 26, 2006

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