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n., also "Scottie Pippen"

1. A great second in command or second best. Not as good as the number one, but the best possible number two.

2. A high label of praise for someone in a number two position.
1. Trevor Ariza makes a great Pippen for any superstar player.

2. When you start a small business, it's good to have a Scottie Pippen to count on.
by Logic20 February 17, 2010
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JT's identical twin, a character from the LOTR trilogy. A SHORT, little guy with furry feet and hands.
JT, my goodness, you look so very much like Pippen.
by Hugh Jazz October 14, 2003
A 32oz of Miller High Life.
Yo Skeezy what you doin?
- shit...sippin' pippens in the BLC
by Mista_Wizard February 19, 2008
Michael Armstrong
A: whattup Pippen?
Michael: nothing much
by SqUiRreL June 01, 2004

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