Pretty in Pink
That girl looks so PIP.
by echosong♥ October 14, 2011
Slang for Pippa Middleton's breasts, referring to the relatively small size.
Did you see the topless photos of Pippa Middleton?

Yes, I did, but the pips aren't that exciting.
by Bunny_Hunter May 13, 2011
Pussy is pussy. All pussy is pussy, and you cannot judge a man for hitting that pussy because well, it is pussy.
Jamal: Yo nigga I hit Yolinda last night.
Joe: Nigga Yolinda is so nasty! Why would you hit that shit?
Jamal: Nigga, pussy is pussy.
Joe: Nigga you right, I always forget the rules of P.I.P.
by Amanwholovespip June 15, 2009
Potentially Interested Party
Sarah: I'm having a gathering at my house this Friday. Let me know if you're coming.
Dan: I'm a PIP, I'll know for sure Thursday night
by TheSuds January 20, 2011
Pussy Is Pussy

No Matter How ugly The Bitch, How Fat That Bitch Is, Pussy Is Pussy
Person #1- Yo, Your Bitch Is Ugly My Man.
Person #2- P.I.P My Nigga
by JoeyCrack21 May 07, 2009
After much consideration by the natives who speak JC, Pipsy was later shorten to "Pips" to make it easier to say due to the fact it only has one syllable.
Nowadays, rarely being used to refer to ones penis, pips is really used now for anything. Saying "How's Pips" can really just mean like "What's up," or "How you doin man?"
Hows pips?

You just gonna sit there an play with your pips all day?
by Mike April 03, 2004
The saying goes, "Ain't that a pip?" A pip is something of large entertainment value, however it may not be of much consequence.
If something is laugh out loud hilarious, it's not a pip. Pips are smaller forms of hilarity. I'll try to use it in a scenario sometime.

Also: Potatoes in Panties and other strange circumstances.
"Ain't that a pip?"

"What exactly are you planning on doing once you've put the potatoes in your panties?"
by Kilani August 15, 2007

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