used to describe something really cool
”At the studio with a pip idea, thinking about how to bring it to fruition.” Mariah Carey
by friendernie February 09, 2014
Piss in Peace
Jake keeps texting me and I'm trying to P.I.P.
by papichulo69 February 03, 2015
Slang word used in north wales, another word for 'people' or 'head'
There was lots of 'pips' around

That boy has a large 'pip'
by Wardo March 06, 2006
Noun: Short for "Post Injection Pain" - A common term used in the anabolic steroid community. Pip can take the form of a dull ache, muscle sensitivity, bruising, soreness, and occasionally mild swelling.
The pip from the Winny injections were so much worse than the Test-C.
by nonbene May 08, 2014
1/16th of a Hershey's Chocolate bar, explained in the annoying commercial for, you guessed it, Hershey's chocolate
Hey hand me a pip of chocolate
by ThisTotallyNoneOfYourBusiness March 28, 2015
to defecate.
I need to find the nearest bathroom to pip.
by Kukluxklanada December 02, 2014
Pussy is pussy. All pussy is pussy, and you cannot judge a man for hitting that pussy because well, it is pussy.
Jamal: Yo nigga I hit Yolinda last night.
Joe: Nigga Yolinda is so nasty! Why would you hit that shit?
Jamal: Nigga, pussy is pussy.
Joe: Nigga you right, I always forget the rules of P.I.P.
by Amanwholovespip June 15, 2009

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