Pip is a common street drug, also known as ice, crack, cold, rock whatever...
You'll find pip heads down at centrelink or up at 5am scraping around on the floor for more pip because Pip is all they think about

And generally if you see a pip head, tell them there's a some crazy guy giving free pip away around the corner, and then run the other way!
Its appropriate when Pips around to insert Pip into every conversation just to concur that you are all in fact, Pippin of your head
"Hey, can u pass me the Pip plz?" "Sure, but first I need to Pip coz Pip just keeps calling me n I told Pip to Pip off before i really lose my pip!"
by Ya Mums Favorite January 17, 2014
Slang word used in north wales, another word for 'people' or 'head'
There was lots of 'pips' around

That boy has a large 'pip'
by Wardo March 06, 2006
PurongIlokanoPinoy and/or ProudIlokanoPinoy
"P.I.P. paren hanggang sa mamatay!!!" -Six Feet Deep Family "PIP hanggang mamatay II"
acronym meaning Pussy Is Pussy. This acronym is used to express strong feelings towards being straight.
Person 1 - Yo man, would you rather fuck an obese chick or fuck a hot dude?
Person 2 - Ion give a fuck, I'd hit the fat chick anyday bro, PIP.
by pmwpipsquad September 15, 2015
A little fat doge living in doges paradise
ey up have you seen Johns dog its well pip mate
by GazzerBaa April 24, 2015
Prettier in person
Person 1-"Wow i look so ugly in this photo."
Person 2-"Well you're definitely pip"
by Hockeysoccer123 April 06, 2015
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