Extremely simple, a facile task.
Scoring a hat-trick against the huns at Ibrox is pimps, man.
by Duizzle September 14, 2005
a person who has bitches and hoes.
a person like tanner.
"I just got pimped by my ho."
by dreamerpunk101 October 15, 2003
First used in 1996 by Nelly, as you can see by the pronunctiation, it has a massive stutter. For further research, look up "herre" and "thurr"
Cause I'm a P.I.M.P..plus, I can ride from herre to thurr
by daedulus July 30, 2003
Parris Island Military Police, marine core boot camp fuckers hell ya, these guys are the shit
i was taken out of the medical building by the P.I.M.P. after laying a fellow recruit out
by Tournequet May 05, 2006
Please Ignore My Pimples
Stop staring at me. P.I.M.P!
by Proserpina November 20, 2005
definition - polish immigrant making progress
Paul - "my dads a true p.i.m.p"
by freshone October 17, 2004
The lesser known meaning of P.I.M.P. commonly used in the eastside of Plevna, Indiana, a.k.a the Amish Ghetto. Developed by Brad Shrock in the year of 86. When confronted by a young Amish Man he simply brushed the poop off his shoulder and said, Im A P.I.M.P (Pooper In My Pocket)
Jebadiah, you are one sick P.I.M.P.
by Joe Kendall September 22, 2004

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