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this also means Pain In My Ass
Johnny, you are such a pima today!
by not you November 20, 2004
35 13
1 : a member of an American Indian people of southern Arizona and northern Mexico
2 : the Uto-Aztecan language of the Pima people
3 : a type of cotton that produces fiber of exceptional strength and firmness and that was developed in the southwestern U.S. by selection and breeding of Egyptian cottons
4 : to measure in Swahili
5 : nickname for Pankaj Mehta MD
1 : Wow, there are more Pimas here than I thought.

3 : This pima cotton shirt from HUGO BOSS feels great, but it was $140.00.

5 : Hey! Whats up Pima?
by psYcho February 11, 2004
20 5
Pronunciation: peema
Usage: noun

Pain In My Ass.

An acronym used to describe someone who is a pain in the ass.
Did you see how Angie threw that frying pan at me? She is such a PIMA!
by sprank75 October 28, 2007
12 6
Piss In My Ass.

To pee in ones' Ass.
He yelled PIMA! Then he pissed in my ass.

I finally learned today that Pima isn't just a type of cotton, or a city. It stands for Piss In My Ass.

Courtney confused Pima today, thinking it meant Pirates in my ass, which is fine to.
by JHSMDLuvCory January 11, 2012
1 0
Pain in My ass
the boss is a real pima today
by shamannath December 06, 2008
2 5
Penis in my asshole
I love pima!!! Fuck me in the asshole with 15 penises and flip me over backwards 5 times! I love pima!!!
by Sfeezygee October 19, 2008
3 14