To be obnoxiously pepper-sprayed for no apparent reason, usually in the face.

Derived from a UC Davis protest wherein Lt. John Pike was captured on video using pepper-spray on peaceful protesters.
She said, in reference to a picture: "I was laughing so hard tears were gushing and snot was dripping! If you saw me, it looked like I just got PIKED."

"The assailant fled after she PIKED his ass."
by Colma Rising November 24, 2011
Top Definition
To have not attended some event or function, typically with some poor excuse (such as not feeling like it, or for fear of some social interaction).
David, you piked out on my party. You better come next time!
by ben314 November 19, 2006
piked = i word that someone uses when they take something that is not theirs
so if you go into someones fridge and take a can of coke, you would say 'piked' as you did it.
by badboymadboy June 10, 2008
stole used because pikeys do that a lot
someones piked my pen
by joe January 15, 2005
Stole. In the manner of a pikey (SCUMMMMMMMMMM!)
We piked this gear from the estate.
by Sarah December 18, 2004
To be bent over in the Pike position and drilled in the ass for 4 years.
Dude, my college years were tough. I felt like I was Piked the whole time.
by pawtaw September 13, 2012
wen u get beten up by a pikey bcoz u slept wiv his mum
ha ha u got piked
by mich March 10, 2004
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