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Promising to turn up at an event, but deciding not to at the last minute.
"Hey man, is John coming?"
"Nah, hes piking, the dirty rotten piker"
by Rick C February 05, 2006
The act of inconspicuously dumping out an unwanted alcoholic beverage because you cannot drink as much as your cohorts.
Little Jimmy was nailed big time for ignoring the "No Piking" sign at the house party when he dumped his beer into the bushes.
by rapacity August 06, 2008
The act of a male giving another male quick anal sex.
Hey bro, I haven't had contact with a woman in 8 months, I kinda feel like piking; do you think we could pike one out?
by bossy rossy August 18, 2011
The act in which someone gains sexual gratification from furtively watching dogging.
dogging carping ducking
Michael became aroused, as he cleverly concealed himself in his favourite piking bush at Wisley Gardens.

He sat back and dreamt of the day he would become a fully feldged dogger.
by Razzle August 21, 2004
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