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The Queen's English refers to grammatically correct and coherent written expression in the English language. It does not refer to a specific accent, intonation or regional variation of the spoken language.
"I wish the lawmakers would write laws in the Queens English instead of this incomprehensible legalese crap"
by mich July 19, 2004
redneck fundamentalist Christian.
He' aint nothin but a biblebashing bastard.
by mich July 19, 2004
An athletic redhead with strange makeup.
Check out that leeloo over there.
by mich July 19, 2004
Eddie McGuire, radio and TV personality who seems to be on about 30 hours in the day.
Did you see Eddie Everywhere on last night ?
by mich July 19, 2004
The people of Merka, an important country on the North Merkan continent.
My fellow Merkans, four-score and seven years ago ....
by mich July 19, 2004
The philosophy and practice of being a parasitic and inconsequential female - a bimbo. Pseudo-spanish (or is it Latin) word construction comparable to machismo.
"I am sick of you and your vacuous golddigging bimbismo"
by mich July 19, 2004
A person of "non-english speaking background" (NESB), for which you apparently qualify if one of your parents was born in a country where the main language is not English. In some contexts, an excuse for underperformance.
"You should not put so many big words in that report. The nesbies wont be able to understand you"
by mich July 19, 2004
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