The offspring of a pigger, a polish person who vainly attempts to emulate black culture.
Damn, look at all those piglets stepping out of that ricer!
by Billy Bob Bolivar April 19, 2005
A pink, meaty vagina.
You ought to smash her piglet!
by Nortrom_Silencer March 19, 2015
Bro. Ninja. Nigga. Dude. Buddy. Pal.
What up, my piglet.
Whats good, my piglet.
My beauty sleep, my piglet.
Hey my piglet.
Wtf are you doing piglet.
You're done my piglet.
You're done piglet.
I'm done lmao.
by ibras August 26, 2013
The offspring of incredibly, stupendously fat people.
Tim: yo, Bob check out that piglet
Bob: she looks just like her mother
by pigletpeople March 25, 2013
A man who fits the definition of pig, but is well meaning.
Men are piglets.
by belle.tenor August 14, 2012
a deragatory term referring to some one who is a fuckhole, usually an immature person
billy was such a damn piglet, thinking he could hang with the bros
by rob the gangsta November 21, 2009
A small pink and short penis, even when erect, it still stands at a mere 4 inches tall at its best.
"Omg girl, his package was more like a PIGLET!"
by MtothARiA October 27, 2009
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