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A man who fits the definition of pig, but is well meaning.
Men are piglets.
by belle.tenor August 14, 2012
A man usually white who's penis is pink has a piglet
"He pulled down his pants and instead of a tan piece of meat i saw his piglet."
by Untk May 16, 2010
a deragatory term referring to some one who is a fuckhole, usually an immature person
billy was such a damn piglet, thinking he could hang with the bros
by rob the gangsta November 21, 2009
also known as a rent-a-cop.

a person with authority like a security guard or by-law officer.....someone with authority, but not that much authority.
the damn piglets come every time i have a party.

the piglet at that club kicked me out for being a drunken idiot.

fuck you piglet scum!
by CurvedMirror July 02, 2008
The act of mistaking female sexual organs for a toilet. Once the urine begins to be noticed by the female, to complete the act the male must pull out and blame the female for peeing on him. This act can be done in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships
Male:Oh my god did you just pee on me?
Female: What
(Male leaves)
Male:(talking to buddy) Got here on the piglet.
Male 2: Well Played
by 1290938477745 July 10, 2008
A small boy or girl between the ages of 4-12 that has an excess of fatty material around the facial and abdomen areas
Person A: Yeah my sister eats a lot of cake
Person B: You know your sister is a piglet
by Dr Mark May 03, 2005
The offspring of a pigger, a polish person who vainly attempts to emulate black culture.
Damn, look at all those piglets stepping out of that ricer!
by Billy Bob Bolivar April 19, 2005