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A trainee cop.
I punched that stinkin' piglet proppa Baz!
by []D [] []D []D [] []\[] October 16, 2003
A perverted little thing, with triangular ears. Gender unknown. Married to Rihanna, and loves chocolate. Has 400 kids. He eats toes, and hates mars. Favorite ride: blender. Never does what he's told: Naughty thing. Best friend of Pooh Bear, but secretly wants to kill him and is plotting to take over the hundred acre woods!
Hello, my name is Pervy piglet, with chocolate on him.

youtube: mollyxoxomaddie44444
by Cat and Cookies and Bunnies! July 08, 2009
Any person who preforms a job similar to a police officer but has considerably less authority (i.e. Security Guards, Mall Cops, Rent-a-cops, etc.)
"Theres a piglet harassing kids by the mall's food court"
by D-Town_Vicious January 05, 2010
An Australian $5 note.
(It's kinda pink coloured)
Every Australain note has a name (see pavarotti/tenner, lobster, pineapple, treefrog)
The beer cost $3 bucks so I gave 'em a piglet and got $2 bucks back.
by Diego June 24, 2003
damn bro, those girls are piglets.
by bergeis December 05, 2010
Bro. Ninja. Nigga. Dude. Buddy. Pal.
What up, my piglet.
Whats good, my piglet.
My beauty sleep, my piglet.
Hey my piglet.
Wtf are you doing piglet.
You're done my piglet.
You're done piglet.
I'm done lmao.
by ibras August 26, 2013
The offspring of incredibly, stupendously fat people.
Tim: yo, Bob check out that piglet
Bob: she looks just like her mother
by pigletpeople March 25, 2013