The act of mistaking female sexual organs for a toilet. Once the urine begins to be noticed by the female, to complete the act the male must pull out and blame the female for peeing on him. This act can be done in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships
Male:Oh my god did you just pee on me?
Female: What
(Male leaves)
Male:(talking to buddy) Got here on the piglet.
Male 2: Well Played
#prank #jokes #gags #lifestyle #sport
by 1290938477745 July 10, 2008
A small boy or girl between the ages of 4-12 that has an excess of fatty material around the facial and abdomen areas
Person A: Yeah my sister eats a lot of cake
Person B: You know your sister is a piglet
by Dr Mark May 03, 2005
The offspring of a pigger, a polish person who vainly attempts to emulate black culture.
Damn, look at all those piglets stepping out of that ricer!
by Billy Bob Bolivar April 19, 2005
A cop in one of those three wheel golf cart looking vehicles.
We knocked over that piglet and he was like a turtle on his back.
by zebrok February 15, 2004
The type of girl you bring home after the bar to make into your own little sex puppet.

dave - "man, check out those piglet's by the bar"

Matt - "now there's an easy kill"

#sex puppet #piglett #broad #slut #whores
by mooseknuckler July 31, 2006
1) The Pig from "Whinnie-The-Pooh"
2) Another word for a small penis
3) A baby pig
1: My favorite character from Whinnie-The-Pooh is piglet

2: That guy is such an asshole, i bet he's so uptight because of his piglet

3: i have a new piglet on my farm
#piglet #small #penis #pig #whinnie #the #pooh
by pigletpiglet May 12, 2010
a little girl who calls the partyline and lies her age, and what she looks like to get some phone sex
i talked to this piglet on the mamaraven the other day, and got some heazzy fooooooo shezzy phone sex up in this piece.
by d3adr0ck March 25, 2003
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