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The act of gulling whilst standing on a monument/statue or from a window situated on the first floor or above.
David enjoyed pigeoning the next door neighbour from his bedroom window.
by Miles Apart July 10, 2008
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An activity typically carried out by middle aged men with limited social options. These men load up pigeons in vehicles and drive them to insignificant towns near their home. They then release the pigeons and see if they are smart enough to fly home. When they get home, they win because the pigeons return but they lose because they're at their own house.

Some of the pigeoners greatest joy comes from raising the pigeons.
Cletus and Bubba are going to run to their trailer and pick up their pigeons. Then they are going to drive them all the way over to Battle Mountain so they can go pigeoning.
by Pigeonus Erectus August 20, 2012
The art of having a conversation with someone when you don't know anything about them, sometimes not even their name. Often (but not always) used when sharking (a.k.a picking up) women.
Hey man did you even know that girl you were talking to last night?

No I was just pigeoning.
by LeKtiC July 21, 2010
When a woman expects men to buy her drinks in a bar, especially men she doesn't know.
The bartender had to stop serving Mary because she was pigeoning, but was unsuccessful in getting someone to buy her drinks.
by RogueEditor July 27, 2014
To carry messages back and forth between two groups or persons by way of a third party. An allusion to carrier pigeons who carry messages in a small note attached to one of their feet.

Also Pigeon, Pigeoned
Most of their conversations were pigeoned back and forth by one of her friends.

Reluctant to speak to his angry neighbor in person, the young man began pigeoning his apologies through his sister.
by Evan Bittle October 15, 2007
The act of rocking your head back and forth as you suck somebody off, like the motion of a Pigeon walking.
"I do say I would like to give that man a good Pigeoning".
by Falconarc July 03, 2012
when boys play really really loud dubstep on some hench speakers and then all stand around it with one hand holding there dicks and the other hand in the air. they then move like back and forward in time to the music, if you can call it music.
its called this because they sort of look like pigeons eating seeds. sometimes they yell random words like HOO, HAA etc. and afterwards theyre like 'oh that was some sick music we played.'
last night was so good, but the boys just pigeoned the whole time.

girl one : this is such a good party
girl two : i know i wish the boys would stop fucking pigeoning the whole time!
by jgkuytfgkjbhkiugkt July 11, 2009

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