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It means 'pig', it has been used by my grandma for years and is probably the best word ever. Usually said when sitting in a dining room with a slice of batenburg and a cup of coffee loaded with cream.
"eee shes a proper little swine her"
"shes a swine"
by anon August 23, 2004
1. A police officer, aka pig

2.A synonym for pig, usually derisive. Often said by people who dislike/abstain from pork consumption(i.e. Muslims, Orthodox jews.)
I do not eat swine, it is an unclean animal.
by Henry Lynn December 08, 2004
probably one of the best words ever...
swine can be used in any situation to degrade another person...
it basically just means theyre lower than scum plaus whatever else you want it to mean...
context plays a big part and so does the way you say it
leave me alone you swine!

look at that fucking swine.

that man is a filthy swineish animal...

you are the swine of all swine

you filthy swinebag!
#swine #swinebag #swineish #sweine #scum #animal #filth #dirtbag #scumbag #scumwhore #swineish scum #shitbag #fucknut
by yL0p February 17, 2007
An officer of the law. Negative connotation.
Yeah, that swine gave me a ticket for going 2 miles over the speed limit in Jacksonville!
by Bungalow Bill December 31, 2001
A modifier for any ailment that is worse than normal and annoyingly persistent. Based on the 2009 Swine Flu, which was really nothing more than a persistent strain of a standard flu
swine cold, swine diarrhea, swine cough, swine broken arm

"Dude, you have had that cold forever, is it like swine cold or something?"

"Man, this broken arm just will not heal...its so swine"
#swine #swnie #flu #cold #sickness #sick #ill #swine flu
by the ecomicist October 20, 2009
Another word for having swine flu.
Have you seen Jamal?
Naw nigga I heard hes got swines.
#h1n1 #swine flu #flu #mexico #dirty #mexicans #pandemic
by D137 5N4PPL3 October 12, 2009
When a person is irrelevant or is to crusty to handle or only posts selfies on instagram. This person is usually awkward around other people. This person can also be very annoying. And this person is ALWAYS ratchet to the max.
Luke: Ugh that Katie is such a swine.
Claire: Oh my god!! I know!!!
#swine #infected #ratchet #crust #crusty
by lrm2000 June 05, 2015
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