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Cayden meaning someone who is constantly shocking you (in a good way) with everything they do. A cayden often makes you blush, giggle, speachless, and dance. Caydens are known for their sexyness and niceness. They often have bestfriends that really arn't that great but they still treat them so nice and sweetly. A Cayden can never get anything angry.
this person is so sweet and amazing, when he talks I can't help but to melt, he's a total cayden for sure
by fannypackinspection May 28, 2009
194 75
a funny little crack head
shes always stoned wow their such a cayden
by putoo February 20, 2008
105 98
1. a stoned cracker who always drinks coffee.
2. the ideal cracker.
3. sweet pimp daddae
Look, it's David Koo!
by Big Jim October 12, 2004
54 93