4 definitions by jred

the moda fuckin POlice
O SHIT here come da pigs HIDE DA DRUGS
by jred February 09, 2006
1. ridiculously drunk, piss-blind, inebriated
"I'm blowing off work on Monday. Let's get ripped."

2. fit, athletic, toned. Especially well-defined abs.

3. Stolen

"Mo and DeeZee rolled up on the fly-ass bikes they ripped from the neighborhood kids."
by jred September 11, 2003
The good guys
Man, I thought we were about to get our asses beat, until the white hats showed up.
by jred September 11, 2003
feign indifference
I was totally freaked to see my ex-old lady there, but I'm cool. I played it off like I didn't care.
by jred September 11, 2003

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