1. a swine
2. derogatory term for a police officer
3. a person who eats excessively
4. a capitalist
5. the meat of a pig, pork
6. an insensitive male, a male chauvinist
7. a fat person
1. My grandpa raises pigs.
2. So then Ian started talking shit to the pigs.
3. He ate the whole pie! What a pig!
4. When the revolution comes the pigs are going to get it.
5. Naw, I don't eat pig.
6. He was staring at my tits the whole time. What a pig!
7. Look at that disgusting pig; he must weigh 400 pounds.
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
A player, manager or supporter of Sheffield United Football Club in Yorkshire, UK.

Pigs can be found in Bramall Lane every other Saturday, although are increasingly rare and difficult to see or hear.

Can be found in woodwork, usually fake pine.

Usual baiting methods include cheap tickets for students and freebies for kids which encourages non-pigs to join the burrow.
"Hi, I'm Mr Warnock and I'm a pig"
by UTO! November 18, 2004
A male chauvinist who pretends to act like a really good guy, but is actually a horrible person deep down and regularly cheats, degrades and lies.
James Cameron is a pig
by Joe Bloggs3 July 13, 2011
nickname for a police officer. stemming from the time of prohibition and gangs and such. it started because some group of cops had PIG on their car (Pride, Integrity, Guts). ironically, the cops of that time period showed none of those characteristics.
Jimmy: Hide the whiskey, the pigs are coming

Bernie: I smell bacon.
by Craigothy February 09, 2009
1.A fat-ass bitch, i.e. a woman who spends all her time eating.
Your mom is a disgusting pig! She ate a whole gallon of ice cream, 2 big macs, and a taco. For breakfast!
by Pigfukker September 01, 2003
A person who displays undesireable personality traits which are offensive to those surrounding such a person
arrogance, idiocy, being annoying etc
by Robert Large August 19, 2003
An obese woman.
"She has a nice personality, but she's still a pig."
by x January 31, 2003
person (usually male) who thinks only of his own gratification
Why is my boyfiend such a pig all the time? All he wants are food, football, and sex.
by Anonymous January 15, 2003

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