In the
I just wanted to PIFF her!
by djones9609 July 26, 2007
A word used for anything in general. Mostly known for drugs though.
"You smoke that piff?"

"That new sandwich at Mcdonalds is piff."
by Azurebaijan March 28, 2004
Can be used as an ad lib, verb, sound effect, anything you want it to be.
Guy #1: Dude, what the piff just happened?
Guy #2: That guy just piffed you hardcore.
Guy #3: Yeah, that guy was just like "piff" with his gun and it was over with.
by Fitzman June 03, 2009
to "piff" is to run up behind someone, flick your wrist and in turn hit the person in the back of the head, then run away in a childish manner
haha you just got piffed
by dani g October 18, 2006
Piff is another name for marijuana.
Are you going to light up the piff?
by Chris aka(Mr. Cee) December 31, 2005

Smokin Purple Haze Dro weed etc
U Smell Dat Piff Or U Smokin Dat Piff
by DJ Piezo January 09, 2006
tight, cool or the latest hip thing.
Aw Dawg, those jeans are piff!
by catmandu January 01, 2005
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