1) A tasty declious dessert that comes in many different forms; apple, peach, pevan, pumpkin, rasberry, etc. Will make your tastebuds scream with joy.

2) A sentence filler. Will be used in awkward situations when there is nothing left to say.





(Can be done online, on the phone, through texting, or even in person)
by Hildegard Robusk :) February 04, 2010
Term used to describe a fat person.
"Look at that fat pie. What a fat fuck"
by Jimprick December 01, 2009
Fresh Vagina
Man I want a slice of her "Pie" today!
by Bak Pak Langoo January 14, 2009
The almighty ruler of eternity.
All hail pie!!!
by Keiryn August 30, 2006
Porn Is Everything
Dad: hey son what are you doing on the internet?

Son: looking at some P.I.E.
by Imlookingatsomepie July 04, 2010

A lie.
Fat kid: Dood, I'm hungry, I want piee.

Father: No, Son, you don't. The pie is a lie; it lures you in, unitl you can smell it's wonderful fumes, and then it gets you to eat it. Once it's inside your stomach, it will come to life and asume it's true form and slowly eat you alive.

Fat kid: D:
by YourWorsNightmare. June 24, 2010
Panic Induced Ejaculation
That girl's boobs brushed up against me on the way to the bathroom and I pied!

I almost fell off of my bike just now and I pied!

My roommate walked in while I was wackin' it and I pied!
by KooterT February 07, 2010

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