4 definitions by Jimprick

Term used to describe a fat person.
"Look at that fat pie. What a fat fuck"
by Jimprick December 01, 2009
Marijuana obtained from members of the travelling community.
Pikey Weed
"I wanna get me a big bag of pikey mate. Shit gets you whaaaacked"
by Jimprick December 01, 2009
Derogatory word used for a ball-gargling,asshole of a wanker. Mainly used by the female gender.
"I never said you could stick it in my ass,you prick!"
by Jimprick December 01, 2009
Term used as nickname of 'Coca-Cola'. Predominantley used by weed smokers.
Also known as 'chal'
"Man grab me a bottle of chalice,this weed is harsh as a motherfucker"
by Jimprick December 01, 2009

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